Release Date: 12/11/2013

Atop the cliffs of Sevenstone, Edar Moncrief suffered his greatest defeat. Now, even the sea has rejected him for his failure.

Washed ashore by the tide, the errant sorcerer feels as though his purpose is lost. He even considers settling down on the edges of civilization… but that all changes when he discovers that there is a price to be paid for the liberties that he has taken with the name and reputation of the fearsome monastic warriors known as the Arbiters.

To repay his debt, Moncrief must conquer the impossible: slay the corrupted shade of the greatest sorcerer in living memory. Hard enough, you say, but there is yet a greater evil lurking deep beneath the earth… and its kind hold no mercy for poor, defenseless sorcerers.

SORCERER’S TRUTH: Lesson V of the Elements of Sorcery