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The Arbiter’s Tower has fallen.

Upon arriving in the city of Arundael, these are nearly the first words to reach the ears of the Arbiter D’Arden Tal. Less than a month after defeating the great evil inhabiting the southern city of Calessa, D’Arden and Elisa must face an even greater challenge: reclaiming the ancestral fortress from an unimaginable darkness.

Worse yet, only two Arbiters escaped the Tower before its destruction — D’Arden’s oldest comrade and another young apprentice. With their home overrun by darkness and corruption growing ever stronger around them, D’Arden fears that they may be the last surviving Arbiters in the world.

D’Arden has only just begun to transform his unauthorized apprentice from a provincial solider into someone worthy of the honor he unintentionally bestowed upon her. As he struggles to recover the sanctuary of his Order, he could never have predicted the true extent of Elisa’s transformation…

Readers searching for swords and sorcery adventure stories reminiscent of Robert E. Howard (CONAN), Karl E. Wagner (KANE), Fritz Leiber (FAFHRD AND THE GRAY MOUSER) and Andrzej Sapkowski (THE WITCHER) will find THE ARBITER CODEX exactly what they’re looking for. Come and explore the dark fantasy world of Eisengoth, and discover the secret LEGACY of the Arbiters.