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Broken free from her unjust imprisonment after seven years, Trace Atherton emerges into a world on the brink of catastrophe. Her father’s base of power as the iron-fisted First Administrator of the Kildare Syndicate is slipping, and she knows that he’ll do anything to keep that power.

Even if it means sentencing millions of people to death.

With few allies and time running out, Trace rushes to stop the looming disaster before more innocent life is sacrificed atop the pyre of her father’s ambition… but first she’ll have to overcome the mental paralysis brought on by seven years of imprisonment, and reclaim her confidence as a commanding officer.

Based on the acclaimed short story Dutiful DaughterSins of the Father is a full-length novel for fans of David Weber, Mark Saberhagen, and David Drake; set in the Syndicate Worlds, where glorified crime bosses struggle amongst themselves for dominance in the far future of the human race.