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An excerpt from Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2) by Vanna Smythe

Prologue: The Search

“Something is happening. Amorannyn calls for you.” His father’s voice was harsh and breathless. It still held reproach, even though thousands of years had passed in the Lessers’ world since Rhyssa left. Kraytan had learnt to live with the pain, accept the anger.

“Why me?”

“Do not question so much. The time when your questioning could still do any good is long past,” his father said and walked away. Kraytan followed.

Amorannyn was an enormous tree, the branches twinkling with light glowing in its core. Many of the Highers were gathered around him. “The Lessers will hold the Joining soon, using the one which can bring down the wretched Veil. This will give me a brief glimpse of the power of creation I once had in that world.”

Amorannyn spoke directly at Kraytan, as if this had anything to do with him. “That is great news for you. I suggest you take their Life Force and finally return it all back to the way it was.”

“Not so simple, my child, not so simple. I need your help.”

“Why would I be able to help?”

“It is your Forever Wife they mean to Join this time. They will use her essence to reinforce the Veil. I need you down there to help steer the flow into my hands, help me destroy the Veil and take away their Life Force.”

“Just as you needed Brea when the Lessers erected the Veil in the first place? That didn’t go so well, if I recall correctly,” Kraytan said.

His father grasped Kraytan’s arm and reprimanded him for his insolence. But Amorannyn just laughed his booming laugh. “You miss your Forever Wife, you must. It is how I created you. I can put you next to her from the very beginning of your lives in the Lessers’ world, like I could not do with Brea and her Forever Husband. This time it will be different. You will be able to succeed where she failed.”

Other Highers had gone into the Lessers’ world in search of their Forever Wives, their Forever Husbands, as the time passed and the Lessers began to force Joinings more and more viciously. Catalysts, the Lessers called them, but Amorannyn couldn’t place them into the weave with any kind of precision. Most never found their loves, were forced to rip the essences from their friends’ bodies, Join wrong halves, live their long lives in the Lessers’ world feeling all the pain of longing. Return to the Lands of the Higher to even greater yearning. No, Kraytan could wait for Rhyssa to regain her senses and return on her own.

“I refuse to go. You should clear up this mess by interceding directly,” Kraytan said. The creator could do that, Kraytan was certain of it.

“I cannot, else I would have done it by now. I create worlds, I do not govern them. But this Joining will release enough of the Life Force for me to make some corrections in the weave of the Lessers’ world. This will be the final Joining down there. Then all of your brothers and sisters, friends and lovers will be brought back home!” Amorannyn bellowed for all those gathered to hear.

A thunderous cheer erupted all around Kraytan. How could he refuse now?

“Very well. What do you need me to do?”

“I will place you into the weave directly. Therefore, you will have absolute use of the Life Force in the Lessers’ world, yet will have to learn to use it according to the rules of that world. I will place you near your Forever Wife. Even though you will not know her for who she truly is, her essence will call to you. Your essences are a match, and you will be able to feel her even in the Lessers’ world. You will yearn to be with her, to save her. But you must allow the Joining they plan at this Anniversary of the Veil, as they call it, and release the flow of her Joined essence to me.”

“The Anniversary? One thousand years had passed in the Lessers’ World? You deliberately waited to remove the Veil?” Kraytan asked, his essence body consumed by flames of anger and frustration. Games upon games.

“The Lessers had a lesson to learn. But now their punishment has been sufficient.” The tree Amorannyn assumed as his body turned black and threatening. “I will use the energy released as your Forever Wife is Joined to right the Lessers’ world and put an end to all separating and Joining. I will block the Lessers’ ability to use the Life Force from which they were created. You will assist me in this.”

“Will she know me?” Kraytan asked. “Will I know her? How will I know what to do?”

“You will have no memory of this world, but the pull you feel to be with your Forever Wife will guide you to her. Next to her you will know what to do when the time for the Joining comes. She will likely not know you as her Forever Husband at all, the pull to rejoin the Other Half of her own essence is great and unyielding.”

“I do this, I give you the control of her essence as she becomes whole and all will be as it was?”

“Yes, just as it was.”

“Do it then! I am ready!”

For the first time since Rhyssa left, Kraytan dared wish to be reunited with her, dared hope. One of the branches of the black tree that was the Hand of Fate grabbed Kraytan and thrust him into the terrible black void. There wasn’t even a pedestal to stand on in all that dark nothingness as Kraytan was placed into the Lessers’ world.

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