Between projects. Man, this part sucks.

I’m trying to determine what my next step will be as an author. I was all geared up for Sins of the Father and sci-fi, but I think my brain is telling me that Trace’s story isn’t finished baking yet. Needs more time in the creative oven.

I had the great fortune to be part of a steampunk worldbuilding workshop at PAX East a few weeks ago. The result was a Creative Commons collection, the bones of a setting. I have built an alternate historical timeline to support this world, and a Miyazaki-styled adventure along the lines of Castle in the Clouds or Spirited Away is weighing on my mind. Right now the project’s code name is Skyward, and it may in fact be the next thing I do.

Whatever I end up doing next, it will be in preparation for Book 3 of the Arbiter Codex, which is going to be a lot of work.