Over the past week or so, I’ve begun an audio read of my first Elements of Sorcery novelette, SORCERER’S CODE. I’m reading it in ~60 second increments via the new social media app called Dubbler and posting them to Twitter and Facebook.

Dubbler is a pretty cool thing, letting the participator’s personality come through with their voice, rather than just through text and photos. It’s definitely a neat idea, and it’s still in its infancy, so if you’ve got a smartphone I highly recommend downloading it (it’s free) and checking it out. If you’re curious to follow my updates, my Dubbler user ID is @christopher.kellen.1 .

Here are the links for part 1-8 of Sorcerer’s Code. Check it out if you’d like to hear how the author (that’s me!) intended it to sound!

2012-01-17 Sorcerer’s Code Read 1
2012-01-18 Sorcerer’s Code Read 2
2012-01-19 Sorcerer’s Code Read 3
2012-01-21 Sorcerer’s Code Read 4
2012-01-21 Sorcerer’s Code Read 5
2012-01-22 Sorcerer’s Code Read 6
2012-01-23 Sorcerer’s Code Read 7
2012-01-24 Sorcerer’s Code Read 8