I picked up the Post-Human Trilogy on a whim; it was on sale for Kindle, and so I grabbed it. What I didn’t expect was to go on a three-book whirlwind ride of nanotech, multiverse-hopping scientifically super-powered madness that was as much fun to read as it must have been to write.

The prequel starts out simply enough: an American special ops team is going to drop from a sub-orbital height to take out a Chinese AI that’s threatening the whole world. From there it takes a left-turn that I had only a vague idea was coming… but what happens after that sets off a spark that travels through all three books, and it was great fun.

Whether or not the science is entirely plausible I’ll leave up to more expert opinions than mine, but I have to say that the author writes with such blase confidence that I never once doubted the integrity of the world he’s created in these books.

This is probably the most sheer fun I’ve had reading a techno-thriller type book since Wired by Doug Richards. Definitely recommended if you’re ready for a crazy ride that will NOT end up anywhere that you expected when you start reading.