Remember last year when I reviewed Robert Eaton’s The Hero Always Wins?

Well, after way too long a wait (I only say that because I’m an impatient bastard when it comes to sequels!) Rob Eaton has at last released the second book in his epic series.

In that year, of course, Rob has changed from someone I met in passing on Twitter into one of my fellow Genre Underground authors; a stand-up guy in addition to being a great author.

Of course, the fact that he joined our circle had absolutely no impact on how much I was awaiting his next book, since The Hero Always Wins was one of the most surprising books I read in 2011 — and perhaps ever.

Now, on to the review.

The Hero Gets the Girl picks up right where Book One left off. In the interest of spoilers, I won’t go too much into the plot, because you really should read these books for yourself. Between page one and the final, explosive conclusion, we get: a fantasy version of a rock band; a hero coming into their own; a villain showing us everything they’ve got; an awesome pirate ship; and a love which cannot be denied, no matter how unpleasant it might be.

Eaton’s characters continue to intrigue and amaze, even when they’re doing things which you might not have expected. These are creations of mythological proportion, from the huge Kael Dorian and his sprawling extended family to the magic of Leorht and the healer’s light.

I have one plot quibble, in that there is a plot twist which does not quite seem to have the necessary exposition to back it up. However, I think that Mr. Eaton has earned enough credit to carry it off and explain it to us next time, rather than spelling it out for us here in this book. I also noticed a few (minor) editing errors; a missed homonym confusion and the occasional misplaced letter or punctuation, but they were not prevalent enough to detract from the reading experience.

For a hard-rocking, heavy-drinking and all around good time, check out The Hero Gets the Girl. This book is head-and-shoulders above most of what the independent Kindle market has to offer. Take my advice and read these books today!


Stay tuned, Hero Always Wins fans! We’ll have an interview with the author coming up in just a few days! – CK