(Full disclosure: A.E. Marling is a member of the Genre Underground, an indie authors’ group of which I am a founding member. However, this review is in no way solicited by the author–let’s face it, if it was, I would have written it much closer to its launch!)

Fox’s Bride is the second installment in AE Marling’s Lands of Loam series, following the adventures of the Enchantress Hiresha. (I reviewed Brood of Bones, the first book in the series, a while back). Having read the first book, I expected another high fantasy adventure with a strong sense of humor and a lot of originality.

That is exactly what I got.

Mr. Marling stands out for his use of language and plot-wrangling ability. His world-building is also strong, giving us a fantasy setting which seems both comfortingly familiar and fascinating in its departures from the norm. His character’s power as an Enchantress is well-defined and limited, making her seem all the more ingenious when she comes up with ways to improve upon it.

Without a doubt, Mr. Marling stands among the best indie authors I’ve read. Fox’s Bride, much like Brood of Bones, is an indie book not to be missed.