(Full disclosure: I received a review copy of Down Among the Yla from the author via the Genre Underground Goodreads group.)

Down Among the Yla is a new fantasy novel by an author whose science-fiction work I have previously enjoyed (see this post for my review of The Long Sleep) so I was excited to get a chance to read his venture into the fantasy genre.

Though I’m not a raving fan of the “epic-quest” fantasy much these days, Down Among the Yla ranks highly in the indie fantasy books that I’ve read. The exploration of Yla society was genuinely engaging, and the mysteries intriguing. Though I was skeptical at times that the author could bring a sprawling story like this to a satisfactory conclusion, he does so, and with aplomb.

Editing issues were rare; the occasional typo popped up, but overall the (pre-release) edition I read was clean. I can only assume that this carried over into the final edition.

Down Among the Yla is a fun, engaging epic fantasy with a unique mythology, strange monsters and interesting characters. What more can you ask for?