I’m pretty sure my unconscious brain Punk’d me last night. (And while this seems like it’s just an elaborate setup for a joke, I swear this really happened.)

I had this bizarre dream in which I was the Mars rover Curiosity, and I blasted open a chunk of rock with my laser beam (because I was also apparently Johnny 5…?) Out came two little moth things!

It was amazing… I had discovered real life on Mars! So I pulled out my vacuum cleaner and sucked up the little moth things, but then they turned into this big ugly pulsating moth things that were gross… and then one of them transformed into a duck (??) with huge long white feathers that it could barely see through, flapping around and quacking like an idiot.

I wish I was kidding. Apparently my subconscious mind has found a way to tell jokes to my conscious one.

I’m pretty sure my dream about discovering life on Mars last night was just a shaggy duck story.