After some time of secrecy, I am now officially announcing my new project, which is entitled Sins of the Father.

The core cover art is done by a simply amazing 3-D artist that I discovered on DeviantArt, after I found out that the image I’d been using as my desktop background for some time was one of his pieces. You can find more about him here: The titling is my work. You’ll note that I did my best to stay out of the way of the image.

A little over a year ago, I published a short story called Dutiful Daughter, which was the story of a young starship commander named Trace Atherton who stood up against her father when he committed treason, and was thrown in prison when he succeeded.

This is not the tale of what led up to those events, but rather what follows them. Some of the names have changed and the technology is slightly better-defined, but this is Trace’s story. Below is a (very) rough cut of the book description. It will be significantly more polished when it launches, but this should give you some idea of what you’ll be seeing.


When Trace Atherton dared to stand against her father during his coup attempt on the Kildare Syndicate, he threw her in prison and made her disappear. Now, seven years later, a prison break sets her free — but that’s only because they need her help. They believe that her father is about to do something unforgivable in order to hold on to the reins of his own slipping power, and she’s the only one who knows him well enough to out-think his brilliantly devious mind.

With millions of lives at stake and scarcely few allies by her side, Trace must out-maneuver both the authorities and her father in order to stop a war before it begins… but can she truly escape the grand vision that he has been planning all her life?