Cover art for LEGACY is still forthcoming – it needed some tweaks, but I think we’re much closer.

Just a quick note: I’ve determined what my next undertaking is going to be (besides, obviously, editing LEGACY and getting it ready for release).

My short story, Dutiful Daughter, has gotten pretty good reception. I had always planned to expand on the story and continue it into a novel, and I’m feeling like I need a break from fantasy for a while. So, my next project will be a military/high-tech science fiction project based on the characters and situations in Dutiful Daughter.

Right now, it is tentatively entitled Sins of the Father. I already have a chapter and some written, and I laid down another ~2,000 words today establishing a new scene and characters.

What I’m gathering from my brain is that this is going to be something of an epic, with multiple points of view and several different interweaving plot-lines and character arcs. I have no idea how long it’s going to take, but my goal for this one is 100,000 words. With LEGACY, I shot for 80,000 and landed at 67,000 – so hopefully with a goal of 100k, I’ll end up somewhere around 80k.

Wish me luck!