As of today I have finished 11 chapters of Legacy and I am starting work on Chapter 12. The word count currently rests at ~35,000 and I expect it to end up somewhere between 60,000 and 90,000 when all is said and done. I have not yet reached what I consider the ‘mid-point’ of the actual plot itself, although I’m not sure exactly how many words/how much time the second half of the plot will take to tell.

This particular story is approximately 100 times better than the follow-up I attempted to write last year. Be assured that the delay on this one will be worth the wait.

I’m nearing completion for work on the print version of Elegy, which I will be making available through CreateSpace sometime in early March, if all continues to go well. The cool part is that the print edition will feature an exclusive short story that takes place much, much, much earlier in the world of Eisengoth and gives a glimpse into what made the world the way it is in the ‘current’ time of the Arbiters, called On the Last Day of Light. That short story will only be available in the print edition, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Starting in March, I will be participating in the Magic Appreciation Tour, so keep your eyes out for that as well!

February’s almost gone; time marches on and on.