Just finished outlining the information for the print version of ELEGY, to be produced by CreateSpace. Now it goes through a 48-hour file review (oddly reminiscent of Smashwords’ premium distribution review) and they tell me whether they noticed anything that got missed by their automated checker.

The list price will be $8.99, which seems to be somewhere around the current price for a new paperback (man, wasn’t it just $6.99 a couple of years ago??). Since it’s a fairly short book it didn’t make a lot of sense to sell it at $10 or $15 like some indie authors seem to be doing, although with the trim size I chose it actually ended up at 207 pages, which should be very similar in size to the old swords & sorcery paperbacks. In fact, I specifically modeled the formatting after the 1980s Kane set that I have, with of course a lot of modern, professional touches. I almost wish that I could get it printed on that crappy, coarse, rough sepia paper, but nobody except me would ever ask for something like that. Maybe someday.

I’m working on figuring out the best way to offer a signed copy for $15, probably directly through my site here – more on that when I have ideas.

Once the file is approved, I can order the proof. Once it gets here, I’ll post a picture. Exciting!