(I’ve noticed in the comments of some of my Amazon.com reviews, there are people wishing that there was a map of Eisengoth. This doesn’t cover the entire continent, but it at least covers the area which is the basis for the Arbiter Codex. My plan is to get to the Old Kingdoms later on.

Note: The scale on this map is approximately 1 inch = 150 leagues, but it is by necessity abstracted quite a bit.)

In the east, the elevation slowly rises into snowy, mountainous highlands. Eventually, one reaches the Black Peaks; inhospitable and dangerous mountains that loom against the eastern sky and block out much of the morning sunlight, especially during the winter months.

The Free CitiesThe shadow of the Black Peaks are home to the Free Cities. During and following the conflict known as the Godswar (now lost to the mists of history), the people of the Nine Kingdoms began to leave in droves. They thought that if they fled to the east that they might escape the death and misery which consumed the greatest civilization in human history.

They were, of course, wrong.

Despite the long odds against them, the bravest and hardiest of these refugees founded Arundael; the oldest of the Free Cities. In time, more were founded. They rose and fell throughout the darkest days of history; at times unified under a single ruler or warlord which conquered them, at others standing independently from one another as they struggled to shut out the darkness that pervades the entire land. Some still stand. Others were razed to the ground and rebuilt (like Calessa); of others, only ruins remain. Valis is new, having only been founded during the split with Marca in the past seventy years.

As of the start of ELEGY, the greatest of these cities is Hartsknell. Built high in the foothills of the Black Peaks, it is accessible only from a single path which was carved from the mountainside by centuries of labor. Hartsknell is home to the self-styled King of the Black Peaks, Adaron IV. It is home to the Royal Fencing Academy, a place where the greatest swordsmanship outside of the Arbiter’s Tower is taught. Ex-soldiers trained in Hartsknell are a common sight in the other Free Cities, often acting as mercenaries or bodyguards. Hartsknell lives in perpetual shadow due to its proximity to the mountains; only during the afternoon and twilight hours does it truly see the sun.

The Black Peaks are home to several types of natural predators, including the shrike, which occasionally ventures down into the foothills. It seems to be attracted by corrupted manna, and will often attack outlying settlements and sometimes even cities if driven to full fel-beast insanity. Hunting, trapping, quarrying and mining of iron, gold and silver are the main sources of trade and commerce between the cities. Due to the poor soil quality and constant danger, farming is rare and done only within the walls of some cities. Mines and quarries, particularly around Hartsknell, are always guarded by legions of soldiers.

In the far northwest, the Arbiter’s Tower stands against a backdrop of the westernmost peaks. It is from here that the Arbiters have been dispatched on their missions to combat corruption for the past several thousand years, since the shuttering of the Arbiter’s Conclave some forgotten time ago. A single road leads from Arundael to the west, eventually reaching the city of Eastwatch, where the Old Kingdoms officially begin.