So, this is the first time I’ve ever done an intensive edit on a large project in a small time-frame. Editing Sorcerer’s Code and The Corpse King had nothing on this. I’ve got feedback from four different sources to parse right now, and I should have at least three more beta readers chiming in here in the next week or two.

It’s basically taking up most of my moments that aren’t occupied by day-job requirements. I’ve managed to get a few other small projects worked on when I absolutely need a break, but a good chunk of my life right now is taken up by editing and revising.

Unfortunately, most of the time it’s eating previously belonged to blogging, Twitter and forums, which means I’ve been doing almost none of the above for the past two weeks. After June 1st, when Legacy is waiting on Amazon’s virtual shelves, I should finally have some time to get back into all that stuff.

I’ll do my best to continue to make some kind of blog postings during May, and I’ll keep tweeting about articles and such that I find, but a lot of my social interaction is going to suffer, and for that I apologize to my friends.

Good luck and good hunting – see you on the other side.