Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve been hard at work on a variety of things, but today I’d like to share a short excerpt from DESTINY, the fourth and final volume of the ARBITER CODEX:


“Run,” Moncrief managed to wheeze. “Run!”

Everything moved like molasses. The Arbiter seemed to stare, dumbfounded, as the talons came down and crashed into him, catapulting D’Arden backward through the door of the chamber and out into the hallway. He hit the opposite wall with a sickening thud.

Moncrief fell backward toward the door, scrambling desperately away with his hands and feet. The creature lunged toward him just as he passed through the doorway–he grabbed the heavy oak door with both hands and slammed it shut as the inky claws collided with it.

A terrible scratching sound filled the corridor. Moncrief pulled himself to the fallen Arbiter’s side, where D’Arden lay nearly senseless, fetched up against another door frame and bleeding lightly from a wound on his skull.

“That’s not going to hold,” the sorcerer whispered breathlessly, casting a terrified glance at the door behind him. “Come on, come on, we have to run!”

He dragged the Arbiter to his feet, and the two of them stumbled down the corridor, away from the chamber, away from hope, away from Sabin.

“Where?” the Arbiter asked, his voice dull and confused.

Moncrief thought frantically. His mind seemed to be roiling at several times its normal speed, but with none of its usual organization. In the end, though, all of his thoughts boiled down to a single question.

Is there anywhere safe from that thing?