They say it’s always a good idea to write down your goals, so that you have a list to reference when you hit a checkpoint. I have a number of things that I want to accomplish this year, so if I write the list now, I can check on it quarterly and see how I’m doing.

1) Write, edit and publish DESTINY, thus completing the Arbiter Codex. This will be the final volume of D’Arden’s story, wrapping up the trilogy in a (hopefully!) satisfactory and epic fashion. (In progress)

2) Complete the Elements of Sorcery. This requires completing revision work on Sorcerer’s Blood, and writing, editing and publishing two more novelettes to put the cap on that series as well. (In progress)

3) Attend the World Science-Fiction Convention (WorldCon) in August. Bonus goal: do it on royalties alone.

4) Write the next entry in the Syndicate Worlds universe, following up SINS OF THE FATHER. I already have an idea for this, but I have a bunch of other stuff to do first. I’d like to have at least the first draft done by 12/31/2013. Bonus goal: edit and publish by 12/31/2013.

5) Write, edit and publish at least one short story/novelette not related to any of the above goals by 12/31/2013.

6) Firmly decide on an all-new novel project, possibly the first entry in a new series.

Whew. That’s a hell of a list. We’ll see how much of that I manage to get done this year!