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In Sorcerer’s Code, Edar Moncrief came face-to-face with the spectre of death in the form of the Arbiter, D’Arden Tal–and barely escaped with his life.

In Sorcerer’s Crime, Moncrief stumbled headfirst into the problems of a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, and uncovered a horrifying evil lurking there.

Now, Moncrief believes he has found respite in Selvaria, the City of Sorcerers… that is, until he’s murdered unceremoniously in an alley. Desperate to save his own life, he turns to the only thing which can hold back the tide of darkness–the Arbiter’s heartblade.

For the hapless sorcerer, solving his own murder is just the tip of an iceberg of lies, politics, deceit and backstabbing as war brews between the shadowy Circle of Thorns and Selvaria’s aristocracy. Does Moncrief have the guts to stop it before the streets run red with blood? Can he handle the sudden changes sweeping over him, thanks to the heartblade?

It just gets worse and worse…

SORCERER’S BLOOD is the third installment in the best-selling ELEMENTS OF SORCERY mini-series. If you enjoy fantasy with a bleeding edge of humor, pick up the ELEMENTS OF SORCERY and discover what lengths a sorcerer will go to just to preserve his own life…