So, I’m working on laying out scenes for Sins of the Father. I already have about 10,000 words written on the project, but I found myself getting bogged down on little things. I think I’ve determined that I need to clear my head after spending so much time focusing intently on LEGACY, and making everything fit together for a long novel.

If I’m correct, Sins is going to be a pretty complex work, with multiple point-of-view characters and several intertwining plot threads. I already have three POV characters with plans for at least two more, and it’s going to be a pretty epic sci-fi tale. I just want to make sure that I know where it’s going before I start working on it intently.

So, like a plate of pickled ginger, I am going back to the Tales of Eisengoth to cleanse my writing palate. While I was at the San Jose Fantasy Festival, I was struck with blinding inspiration for a new short work, which I’m hoping will land somewhere around the 15,000-25,000 word mark. It’s the kind of thing I never thought I’d write, but it’s helping me to further expand and explore my fictional world.

Also, I’ve noticed in some of my reviews that people are wishing for a map of Eisengoth. I’ve done many experiments, but I haven’t quite found the layout that fits everything I need yet. I’m still working on that. Part of the problem is that my brain is insisting on sticking to landmarks that I wrote about in my failed draft of LEGACY, when I really don’t actually need those at all. I have a clear idea in my head about where everything is in relation to everything else, but I haven’t quite managed to create an image that properly reflects it yet.

For instance, now I know for certain that I need an ocean.